Saturday, April 30

Nurse Kelly On Call

There have been many caring, stacked nurses at SCORE's Hooter Hospital over the years. Nurses built like brick houses with big tits that enter the exam room before their feet do. 

Tigerr Benson, Terry Nova, Lana Ivans, Minka, Angelique, Dallas Dixon, Alanna Ackerman and more bra-busters have worn the nurse uniform and popped the thermometers of their patients. The nurse fantasy never gets old. But she's got to wear the skimpy, over-the-top nurse costume, not the nurse uniform that covers everything. Kelly Christiansen is perfect! 

SCORE editor Dave brought up the interesting fact that many of our models through the years were nurses before they became porn stars (like Alyssa Lynn) or were nurses before and after porn (Renee Ross) or became some kind of nurse or health caregiver after they exited nude modeling.

It's better that fewer hot models become nurses because America's health care system is messed up enough now. We don't need slackers pretending to be sick to meet busty nurses.

Kelly needs a sperm sample. She has her own extraction methods. Watching her do her thing with this bozo produces uncontrollable erections.

"My friends always say I'm very down-to-Earth and more like the next-door neighbor," said lovely Kelly. She was a SCORE Model of the Year winner as voted by the fans. "Before I walked into the studio the first time, I really, honestly did not think I could pose." Kelly later realized she could. We had great faith in her all along and she made all of our dreams come true. 

Thursday, March 3


I remember this scene. In fact, I remember all of Kelly Christiansen's scenes when I think about Kelly and if she'll ever return. I remember the first day she arrived at the studio and all of the editors going inside to meet her, like reporters meeting a movie star.

"I need a big cock," Kelly says in her silky voice. She looks at the camera while she runs her hands over her big tits. "Let me play with your big cock." Kelly liked to say the word cock. She seemed to like how it sounded rolling off her tongue. It was a perfect way to start the scene. Johnny Champ was off to the side, watching Kelly and listening to her do her cock rap. When he joined her, she wrapped her boobs around his dick.

"Rub my tits all over your body, rub them all over your cock," she said. "Yummy. I want you to watch me take a big cock. I want to play with it and I want to do all sorts of naughty things with it. And I'll pretend that it's you."

Sometimes something a girl does in a scene triggers personal memories, and that happened to one member watching this scene. JH commented, "Love the POV bit about 6-13 minutes in, when Kelly rubs her tits in the guy's crotch, takes out his dick, wraps her tits around it and wanks it then gives him a blow job. Reminds me of a fantastic lap dance I had in LA from a statuesque blonde stripper with enormous boobs who did almost exactly the same thing! Imagining Kelly was my stripper through that section really gets me off. One trick my stripper did that Kelly didn't though: sucked my tip with her boobs around my cock! Maybe next time, eh?"

Maybe next time is what I wish, too.

Sunday, February 13

Boob talk & pussy baitin'

Kelly Christiansen wasn't a great find. Because we didn't find her. The friendly blonde bombshell contacted us. Her husband is a big SCORE fan, and he encouraged her to apply. His own SCORE Girl at home decided to try it and was a hit from day one. She not only posed naked and spread, she did XXX with pro porn guys. Her hubby was fine with that and enjoyed it. Before SCORE, she had never done anything remotely like this. No stripping or lap dancing, no nude modeling (except for the at-home stuff) and no swinging.

Wearing lingerie and stripper heels, SCORE Model of the Year winner Kelly chatted about posing and her hardcore scenes. Later in the video, she plays with her brickhouse body. A great wife, Kelly once did a threesome with her husband and another girl and said she wouldn't mind watching him with another girl. I don't know if that ever happened.

Kelly talks a lot in this video and has a sexy voice, and that's always a huge plus. This scene is also the video version of a live peepshow. Dave not only gets to chat Kelly up, he also tells her to get into different hot positions as if he was at a peepshow that didn't have a glass shield and he didn't need tokens.

Live peepshow booths are mostly a thing of the past. If you've never been to one, such as the peepshow chambers at the infamous Show World in Times Square in New York City, they feature a naked or scantily clad girl behind glass who you tell what to do. As long as you keep feeding the machine tokens, the shutter doesn't come down to cover the glass and end your session. Webcams have replaced the live peepshows, and that makes me sad. What happened to the romance and the glamour?

Hindsight is 20/20, but I wish we had filmed Kelly in more solos and hardcore. Every now and then, I drop her an email to find out if she wants to come back.

Sunday, January 16

Tits Always The Season For Sex

Tits always the season for sex and to watch sex especially when living doll Kelly Christiansen (SCOREtv Uncut and Uncensored on DVD) is the SCORE Girl doing the sexing.

Lucky are the video meat puppets who get to romp on the sheets with this incredibly beautiful and shapely wife of a lucky SCORE reader. This guy's eyes bugged out even more than usual when he saw how curvy and sexy this woman is. He'd have never fucked superwomen like Kelly had it not been for SCORE.

Kelly gets right down to action in this video that has no story, demonstrating how hot she is in the sheets. What technique! What style! What a hot piece of ass she is! 

Kelly talked about her SCORE "hobby." 

"The thing is, I'd never had sex on-camera before and watched myself. It's still a little strange. It's me, so I have to watch it with a critical eye, and I'm my own worst critic. I do like to watch myself have sex, and every time I see myself, I can't believe it's really me."  

Over the centuries, men have dueled other men with pistols and swords to possess a woman like her. 

"My friends always say I'm very down-to-Earth and more like the girl next door," Kelly said. "Being here and doing this would probably surprise them. Going by how I dress and things like that, no, they probably would not be surprised. But, by my personality, maybe a little." 

Kelly Christiansen, perfection personified. 

Sunday, November 14

A Fuck On The Wild Side

Kelly Christiansen's story is like that of several other SCORE models such as Jayden Prescott and Barbie Kelley. We wish there were more like these women. They have husbands that are SCORE Men: readers, website members and DVD buyers. Like Jayden's husband, Kelly's generous hubby encouraged Kelly to pose, and beyond mere nudity and pussy spreading. Seeing Kelly fuck other men on-camera (in the safe environment of the SCORE studio) turned them both on. Few husbands and boyfriends are this liberal.

"My husband reads SCORE," said lovely, 36H-cupper Kelly. "He's a website member, too, and he also buys some videos. He said, 'Hey, look, they have this website,' so we watched the little introductory video and he said, 'You should do this.' He was very open about it. And he likes girls like me." Kelly's scene is based on one of her own fantasies and occasional "hobbies."

Kelly loves going to strip clubs. "I went to a club with my man, and the girl came over to dance for us. They had individual stages. And she asked if she could pull me up on stage, and she was just wild over my boobs. She said, 'Can I take off your shirt?' and she took off my shirt. And she wanted to take off my pants, and she took off like everything and we pretty much simulated a duo on stage in front of everybody. It was crazy. My husband loved it. Guys were watching and throwing dollars."

In this scene, Kelly is a waitress in a strip club. All of her customers but one leaves. That sounds like one of our fantasies too.

Monday, October 18

Kelly Christiansen Rides The Stiff One

Fair-skinned blonde goddess Kelly Christiansen treats John to a seductive, exotic dance before they get down to the sex. Her heavy titties, with their large areolae, are edging over her tight, sheer green slip as she gyrates, grinds and teases him by the bed. Kelly's dancing doesn't go on for too long. She's too eager for hard cock in her mouth. 

Hovering over him and with tits dangling in his face so he can stick her pretty nipples in his mouth, Kelly sticks her hand down his pants to feel his junk, then pulls it out and lowers her head to suck. She loves to make that slurping, sucking sound. 

There's great tit-fucking action next. Kelly knows how to pleasure a man's shaft to the max with her 36H-cup sweater-puppies

Kelly wants the big meat thrusting hard into her velvety soft, tight cunt. She wants it to pound her slick pussy, the cock-hilt bumping into her clit head with every down-stroke. Her tits tremble, jiggle and shake as they fuck in a variety of horny positions. Sometimes Kelly has to restrain her tits with her arms because they move so vigorously. Busty bed-bouncing with Kelly is a thrill ride.  

Monday, September 20

The Not-So-Secret Life Of A SCORE Wife

Beautiful wife of a SCORE reader, Kelly Christiansen had fantasized about being a SCORE model, showing the world her big tits, lush bod and curvy ass, and fulfilling her midnight fantasies on-camera. 

The dude in this video is just a male prop, a meat puppet for Kelly's use. Her husband was okay with her fucking total strangers on-camera. Most guys would not be.

The blonde bombshell is very much the neighbor-next-door. "I'm an outdoorsy-type. My friends always say I'm very down-to-Earth and more like the girl next door. I don't know if they would expect this from me. 

"Still, I enjoy showing off my curves so I normally wear sexy or revealing clothing out. I like having sex almost daily but I'm always working to improve the score. I like initiating sex when my husband least expects it. Stamina is what impresses me the most in a man."